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Q.         What information is needed for an accident reconstruction?

A.        The amount of information is dependent upon the scope of the reconstruction.  Normally this is not limited to one issue but the question can be as simple as how fast was the vehicle traveling or is the physical evidence indicative of any mechanical failure?
A complete reconstruction examines four main topics;
Roadway Geometry
Mechanical Factors
Weather Conditions
Human Factors

These elements are addressed four ways; first a Forensic Map of the crash site is performed that documents roadway geometry and physical evidence, Vehicle Autopsy that may include an analysis of an air-mechanical braking system or simple damage deformation, weather data from the closest surface observation system and an analysis of the humans participation in the crash.

Q.        Is the cost paid up front?

A.        NO, we invoice at the end of each month for the work performed during that month.  It is uncommon for a reconstruction to be completed within 60 days.

Q.        How long does a reconstruction take?

A.        The time is dependent upon how much of the needed information is provided to us vs. how much we must gather for the reconstruction.

Q.        What happened if I don’t get my invoice paid?

A.        We allow 30 days for clients to pay the invoiced amount. Should an invoice go unpaid, all work on the case ceases until the account is current.

Q.        Is there any paper work required before we begin a case?

A.        Yes,  We require our Service Contract to be executed.  During this process we will examine our database to ensure there are no conflicts

Q.        I hear a lot of terms used that I don’t know.  Where do I learn what they mean?

A.        McKinzie & Associates maintains a large glossary on our web site.  Go to



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